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The Mighty Boosh announced as Record Store Day Ambassadors

The Mighty Boosh announced as Record Store Day Ambassadors
The Mighty Boosh have united after five long years apart, and they’ve done it to be the 2019 ambassadors for Record Store Day / Ebay Week. That special day is April 13th, with the records appearing on eBay shortly after, and one of this year’s vinyl specials is the Mighty Boosh radio shows on LP. They are very good, and worth seeking out. Here they are, in their own words:
“We are approaching singularity, when computers will overtake and replace us. Therefore, it suddenly felt prescient to outwit them and somehow save our precious early recordings onto a format that the dawning artificial intelligences will not see as a threat,” Julian said.
“In the feint hope that one day, thousands of years from now, when the human race is decimated and bereft, its ephemeral digital archive wiped by the powerful shockwaves of the ‘magneto-pulse’, a solitary humanoid survivor, scavenging and in the dark tunnels beneath the humming glistening exo-skin of the earth… will discover this disc abandoned in a cave, and trace its long fingernail across the patterned surface only to drop in shock as it hears my rich and resonant voice echoing through the cave.”
Meanwhile Noel: “People that work in record shops are often obsessed with vinyl and music and bands and can steer you in the right direction and tell you about things that you would never know about. Whereas you can’t do that on the internet. It’s not possible. You want some vinyl expert to tell you about a record you’ve never heard of. That’s the beauty of it.”

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