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The National and Bon Iver launch streaming service

The National and Bon Iver launch streaming service
Fire up the bullshit klaxon, this has got a lot of it.
The National, or at least Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and Bon Ivor have teamed with some tech entrepreneurs to unveil the beta of a new streaming service called, and the all caps is their idea: PEOPLE.
The answer to ‘does the world need another streaming service’ and ‘is it a competitor to the big guns’ comes via some total waffle: “It’s artist-directed,” A Dessner said to the Guardian. “It’s entirely non-commercial. It’s about the work.” The other went on “It’s trying to deformalise some of the artifice and structure that goes into releasing music, and to get a little bit closer to the creative and collaborative process, and to the people.”
Let’s see if the PEOPLE website is any better: “We want to create a place to evolve and share ideas around the year. That’s why we are in the process of building our own digital platform where the music from recordings, sessions and live events as well as visual art, podcasts and essays can find a home. For all the raw, the unpackaged, the experiments and the evolved ideas.”
Ok then. The beta link is here, with the full one coming August. Visually it is currently appalling.

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