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The Offspring seem to be having a civil war

The Offspring seem to be having a civil war
The NME have seen documents which suggest there’s a civil war in the Offspring. Specifically, their (former?) bassist Greg Kriesel is suing Dexter Holland and Noodles, accusing them of trying to cut him out of the band.
NME say they’ve seen now deleted court documents, so it’s probably safe to quote some: the two accused are said to have “devised a scheme, and entered into a conspiracy with each other…seize the business, business opportunities, and assets” of the band “in disregard for and in derogation of the rights, privileges, and authority of Kriesel as an equal, general partner”; “divest Kriesel of his partnership interests and rights, without fair compensation; and “deny Kriesel’s continued status as a general partner of the Partnership.”
No comment from the band that, although Kriesel has been kept away from recent gigs.

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