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The Polaris Music Prize Winner is...

Fucked Up have won the Polaris Music Prize, an annual award for the best album by a Canadian band (although words like ‘best artistic merit’ are used, we’ll stick with ‘best album’.) The group, who hate Myspace and frequently get largely naked and bloodied on stage, win the trophy and $20,000 for the critically acclaimed ‘The Chemistry of Common Life’. Judging by previous winners, this is a much harder sounding group than normally win, and was certainly a surprise for the band: vocalist Pink Eyes was quoted by the National Post as saying "We got frisked on our way in and I said, 'This is gonna suck, but at least we'll get a free iPod.' Well, we won the Polaris. It's a lot better than an iPod." Shh, Apple, he didn’t mean it. Sidenote: they have a flute solo on the album, just to really wrongfoot you before the screaming.

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