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The Spice Girls Musical get even worse

Yes, worse.

Green Day almost made musicals cool again, but if we were to write down the most off putting things we could think of for one, the team behind Mammia Mia and music by the Spice Girls would probably rate just ahead of a version of cats staged by actual furries. But that combination is happening, so how could it get any worse? The storyline could be about a reality TV show, that’s how.

Yes, one of the musical atrocities of the nineties is being combined with the main musical crime of the noughties into one evening of hell we wouldn’t be near if our vinyl collection depended on it. The producer came out with the following bollocks: ''Viva Forever' will encompass the Spice Girls ethos of friendship, identity and being true to yourself” and being an executive selected group profiting from a kiddy friendly bastardisation of feminism.

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