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'The Stones are getting no more than any other headliner' Glasto's Michael Eavis

It feels like "winning the World Cup".

It feels like "winning the World Cup". 

Michael Eavis was clearly overwhelmed about signing up The Rolling Stones for Glastonbury 2013, a band who he'd waited "a long time for".

"It's their 50th year and this [show] is part of their 50th anniversary, so what a place to be. Of course it's a thrill for us as well. It's taken a long time to get confirmed. So we were all thrilled obviously, we threw our hands in the air with joy and we hugged each other and everything. It really is a huge thing for us."

He also ensured that they didn't overcharge: "There's a bog standard price for the headliner. We get the headliners for a tenth of the normal price. So they're not being paid very much. Headliners are always good to us because they want to do it because they get TV and they get huge record sales straight after the show."

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