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The Vaccines live at The Forum

The Vaccines live review

Tunbridge Wells - Notorious for being a posh boys playground and yet somehow, somewhere, down the bottom of it lies an old toilet that has been transformed into one of the best gigging houses the South East has seen. Dark, sticky and quite frankly still smelling of piss though I wouldn't want to see a band any other way.

This gig was long sold out and The Vaccines took to the stage not only apologising for the delay in getting there (Justin had a throat infection in Jan and had to postpone) but also telling the 250 or so gathered to prepare to party.

They were prepared.

What followed was 35 mins of pure guitar infused indie pop. Considering most of the crowd only knew 2-3 tracks every song was greeted (and indeed sounded) like a long lost anthem with a mosh pit worthy of Brixton. Clearly Justin's  roots in folk have done him no harm as most of his songs seem to have some grounding there before being "Vaccined up" both lyrically and musically.

When he said he was going to slow it down a bit the band delivered two of the strongest tracks of the evening.  "Wet Suit" one of their best tracks to date and destined to be shouted in front of 5,000 and "Lack Of Understanding" a mobile phone held high belter  with a melody oddly reminiscent of "Be My Baby". That's the point with The Vaccines though isn't it ? Like the 60's they deliver short sharp songs that deliver a bloody great hook and are over leaving you wanting to sell your soul for more.

Coming back from the rest they deliver the power ball that is  "Wrecking Bar (ra ra rara) pulling in near levels of hysteria in the process before leaving us with the double finale of The Standells cover "Some Times The Good Guys Don't Wear White" and final belter "Norgaard" with the classic line

"Her mind's made up; she don't wanna go steady.
She's only seventeen, so she's probably not ready."


So there we have it. Not a duff track in the set (admittedly at 35 mins long its hard to have a duff one but trust me, I've seen plenty in my time)

Sadly my iphone gave me shite video and photos but below is a vid from a recent Jules Holland show.



The Vaccines are being touted as the saviours and champions to bring guitar music back to the masses.

On last nights performance you'd be a twat to bet against it.

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