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The Velvet Buzzsaw Trailer is Immense

The Velvet Buzzsaw Trailer is Immense
You know how Netflix hit Stranger Things didn’t do anything original, but instead took a load of old ideas and did them so brilliantly and strikingly it was a triumph? Well stand by for Velvet Buzzsaw, because the same seems to be happening.
An unfair comment? At it’s heart Velvet Buzzsaw seems to be about haunted paintings, and we’ve been reading about those for a long, long time. But the trailer is so stylised, so cleverly done, so of the moment with regards social media and a vacuous society that it looks to be one of the best horrors of the year. Paintings and all. 
Also, Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he’s about to explode and there’s a fucking robot. It’s from the mind of Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy and is out February 1st. If you have Netflix it is effectively free.

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