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The Walking Dead's Andrea calls her exit from show 'nonsense'

The Walking Dead's Andrea calls her exit from show 'nonsense'
In the Walking Dead comic, the character of Andrea survives much longer than she did in the TV show, and has a much greater storyline. The decision to kill her on TV didn’t just cost viewers that experience, it also angered the actress Laurie Holden.
She told a convention exactly what she thought (cited from Digital Spy): “I think the departure from book Andrea to the screen was a mistake. I mean, it’s not like I couldn’t pull it off... I think the whole stuff that they wrote about Andrea and the Governor was complete and utter nonsense. I did the best that I could to tell that narrative and to justify it where Andrea kept her heart.”
Don’t hold back Laurie. Oh, she doesn’t, “I love Scott Gimple for giving me a gorgeous death with redemption so that you understood, and she wasn’t a victim… She died on her own terms. But I think that there was so much beautiful narrative that was lost, and that she should have been there for a long time and been the leader that Kirkman created in the comic book.”
We have to agree with her.

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