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The Woodstock Anniversary boxset is going to have 38 CDs

The Woodstock Anniversary boxset is going to have 38 CDs
The original Woodstock is probably the ultimate festival to have happened so far, even if only in meaning rather than practice. A gathering of classic musicians, a true feeling of rebellion, a healthy dose of needing to look twice. And now it’s getting a box set which will make most other boxsets look small.
‘Woodstock 50 – Back To The Garden: The Definitive Anniversary’ has 432 tracks on 38 CDs, and includes 276 previously unreleased songs, including all the acts who played.
Here’s the blurb: “a near complete reconstruction of Woodstock clocking in at 36 hours, with every artist performance from the festival in chronological order. Housed in a screen-printed plywood box with canvas insert inspired by the Woodstock stage set up, the set also includes a Blu-ray copy of the Woodstock film, a replica of the original program, a guitar strap, two Woodstock posters, a reprint of a diary written by an anonymous attendee during the festival, two 8×10 prints from legendary rock photographer Henry Diltz, and essays by Andy Zax, acclaimed music scribe Jesse Jarnow, and trailblazing rock critic Ellen Sander... The archive also contains a copy of Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music (Reel Art Press), a comprehensive new hardbound book about the event written by Michael Lang, one of the festival’s co-creators.”
So at least the people who went will finally get to remember what they heard.

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