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The band who conned a tour using fake social media

The band who conned a tour using fake social media
LA band Threatin are currently on a tour of the UK, with venues booking them because of their thousands of followers on social media, live videos and claims of good ticket sales. But there’s a small problem: it’s all a con.
Threatin have been turning up at venues and getting only one or two people through the door when they claimed advanced sales in the hundreds, and this got people probing. So, here’s an account from the Exchange shared by @buzzingbugs:
Meanwhile Camden’s Underworld told the band “What happened to the 291 advanced ticket sales your agent said you’d sold? THREE PEOPLE turned up. Please don’t lie about ticket sales, and please don’t contact us again for a show.”
Obviously, venues are being conned and losing money and that’s awful. But people probed further still and came to the conclusion all the social media likes were bought, all the thirty fans are bots and the live videos are artfully shot so to mask the lack of audience, or use an audience for a different band. In short, this is a vastly audacious con damaging small venues and the band are here in the UK right now, and by band we mean very probably just one guy with some hired help.
The question remains: will this publicity mean people go, or have the venues swung the big axe? We’re actually not sure whether to embed one of their videos here to give them the extra publicity! The appalling, one man plays all instruments video for Living is Dying is on Youtube and it’s poor.

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