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The beginning of the end for One Direction? The boy band's new single slumps

The beginning of the end for One Direction? The boy band's new single slumps

Has Lorde slayed the five-headed One Direction Dragon?

The boys from the band have been greeted with nothing but a success since their reality TV formation, but it looks like, in November 2013, the boys have hit a stumbling block. Their latest single, 'Story Of My Life', debuted at number 4 at the UK this week (and is already on the slide in the midweek charts) and at number 6 in the US, despite a humungous press push. Achieving a significantly less amount of sales in comparison to their previous releases.

So, what has gone wrong? Has Harry got a zit on his chin? Did Niall dye his hair? Probably not, it's most likely the cyclical and inevitable lifespan of a Boy Band coming to its end.

Hell, once it dies down we may see one of them with a beard and shaggy hair in a Morrison's advert.

The record labels have pulled out all the stops to keep the loyalty going in 2014 by anouncing a stream of "Sold Out" stadium concerts but lets face it that's a tried and tested trick and when teengae girl hormones start to hurtle towards their latest fad, the band are fucked.

We're currently taking bets as to which one is going to "Do A Robbie" with a solo carreer and who's going to "Do a Mark Owen" (ie nothing) before they all come back in 2026 in an glorious Take That style reunion. We know you don't really give a shit but in the sprit of fun - Who is your money on? 

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