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This is the funniest thing on Twitter right now

This is the funniest thing on Twitter right now

The headlines in trendy magazines are a ripe subject for comedy, and @Vice_Is_Hip has come along with a bullseye. They’re putting out tweet after solid gold tweet as they spoof Vice and other media with shots like “We got mad on PCP and accidentally suffocated James Woods in a giant set of Russian nesting dolls.”

As you can tell, you need a taste for the absurd, some dark humour, and ideally a knowing wink at the ‘inspiration’. There’s some recent music related classics below, and here’s a link to them all.

“"Kill me" - We gave Guy Ritchie laughing gas and convinced him he was still married to Madonna”

“"I just...feel them, man" - Why New York's number one dubstep DJ played an exclusive set for ghosts in an abandoned subway”

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