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The internet is discussing OJ Simpson's prison self-pleasure

The internet is discussing OJ Simpson’s prison self-pleasure
You can understand where the click bait demand for a made up rumour about Donald Trump or Jay-Z comes from. That’s low hanging fruit. However, we’re really not sure why someone claimed that OJ Simpson’s parole was in jeopardy after he was caught masturbating in prison.
Seriously, news blogs (because we don’t really have proper newspapers anymore) were claiming such, with lots of supposedly salacious details like a lady officer caught him. Now, it’s taken TMZ to pour water on the flames, by checking with the relevant prison service and discovering that a little manually targeting the rebel base isn’t illegal. I mean, what else is there to actually do in prison besides think of ways to smuggle drugs in? 
So, to clarify: OJ’s parole isn’t in danger, and he definitely killed his wife.

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