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The most childishly funny contest ever

The most childishly funny contest ever

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks would like some radio play for forthcoming single ‘Senator’, but they’re not going to get it because of the line ‘I know what the Senator wants, what the senator wants is a blowjob.’ He could just blank that bit out, but instead he’s launched what must surely be the most childishly funny contest to judge ever.

Basically, he wants fans to suggest a euphemism, a radio friendly word that can replace blowjob but still give everyone the right idea. And the prize? Well, it’s special. Not only will they record a song with your word, and it might just get some airplay, but they’ll press a seven inch for you with your version on one side and the original on the other. And the key bit? Their will only be one copy of this, ever. That’s right, you will literally own a one of a kind record. All for your ability to disguise a blowjob. Enter here.

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