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The new Aphex Twin merch is right out of your fevered dreams

The new Aphex Twin merch is right out of your fevered dreams
That image up there isn’t some photoshop nightmare, it is genuinely the Donkey Rhubarb merch that Aphex Twin will be selling. 
Okay, when he describes it as limited quantities available he probably knows only a few people want that staring at them, but it’s part of a range of march he’s going to be selling in limited venues for limited times, all of which relates to his music. So there’s a Windowlicker umbrella, a Come to Daddy baby suit, an On beach towel and more.
Want some? On Saturday Bleep X in London begin sales at 10am, while online kicks in during the afternoon. More will be in a Tokyo outlet called Joint Harajuku on December 1st.
That’s the Supajam Secret Santa sorted.

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