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The new Slipknot song is here and masks are front and centre

The new Slipknot song is here and masks are front and centre
So, is this a video to accompany their new song or the world’s best soundtracked mask reveal footage? Yes, Slipknot are back with a new single, a new album and a new look.
First things first, the tune is called Unsainted and the visuals are via their Clown, aka Shawn Crahan. They’ve got a choir on board and a very nicely designed cult. Unsainted is also the second track on the We Are Not Your Kind LP, which is out August 9th. Previous single All Out Life is not on the tracklist.
You’re going to want to listen to all of it: “This is the most time we’ve had to write a record, and work stuff out together,” said their guitarist. “One of my inspirations this time around was those artists that recorded full length albums – not just songs.  While the industry is moving toward singles, Slipknot wanted to make an album experience, front to back.”

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