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The new XX video has some famous people in it

The new XX video has some famous people in it
There’s a new video from the XX, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s some famous people inside. So, you’re looking at Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, Ashton Sanders from Moonlight and Paris Jackson from lucky genes. 
The band explained themselves thus: “We are so happy to share our new video for ‘I Dare You’. Our love letter to Los Angeles, a city close to our hearts, where we wrote and recorded parts of our album I See You. This is the third video our friend, the wonderful Alasdair McLellan, has directed for us. He collaborated with a hero of ours, Raf Simons, on the creative concept and direction. It was amazing to work with both of them and such a pleasure to meet and work with Millie, Paris, Ashton, Lulu and Ernesto! Thank you to Calvin Klein and everyone involved. We hope you enjoy watching!”
It’s much sunnier than you’d expect.

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