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The singles chart is still going and now it’ll include video streams

The singles chart is still going and now it’ll include video streams
In a world of ever changing media consumption, the idea of a chart which records the most purchased songs is long outdated, as people stream through free and subscription services instead on devices that never lose mobile connection. The chart knows this and has been adapting, having included streams for quite a while.
Now it’s evolving again. Video streams, such as YouTube, will now count, although it’s 100 subscription streams to one purchase to 600 free. Given that Spotify and Apple are considering how to add video into their platforms, the Official Single’s Chart is genuinely trying to reflect the consumption of music and that’s a good thing.
Here’s how they put it: “This is a significant step for the UK and ensures The Official Chart continues to be the most comprehensive and trusted chart in the UK, bar none,” said Official Charts Company chief executive, Martin Talbot. “Consumption of recorded music via more than 15,000 retailers, download stores and streaming services of all kinds contribute to the weekly chart countdown… In the modern era, artists are increasingly multi-faceted creators, with a highly developed visual sense running in parallel with their music. The addition of video ensures that the Official Singles Chart reflects the creativity of the artist in the broadest way possible – and music fans’ engagement with that vision.”

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