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The war of the politicised music festivals heats up

The war of the politicised music festivals heats up
After Glastonbury was used as a platform to promote Jeremy Corbyn (and not so much his divided Labour party), a Tory MP decided it would be a good idea to start his own one, because that bandwagon jumping couldn’t possibly cause derision. That was why George Freeman MP tweeted “Why should the left have all the fun at festivals… We need a cultural revival of grassroots Conservatism: DM me to join #ConservativeIdeasFest”.
Along with his tweet was a photo, and in that photo was a shot of The Jabberwocky catering company, and they are pretty pissed off at being linked to the Tories, a political party who have begun the most complicated set of negotiations since the end of World War 2 with all the planning and awareness of a toddler who just saw a penguin.
“The Jabberwocky is totally on board with freedom of speech and using social media for that purpose,” they told NME. “Recently George Freeman MP was promoting a Tory project, and his team used a collage of festival images, including a photo of mine showing our van… We contacted him and asked for it to be removed. Initially they complied, sending us something that vaguely approached an apology. Less than a month later the collage of images had been reposted with new images to go alongside our van, which was still featured.”
And that was polite, but then they got pissed off: “We did not ask or want to be associated with Tory festivals. Seriously, who would? Also, we had already asked for it to be taken down and explicitly clarified, in easy words, that they were not allowed to use our images. This was ignored… If we had been asked, we would have said no, or charged them enough to offset our embarrassment of being associated with Tory-Self-Promo-Circle-Jerk.”
Which is a fair point if you ignore that NME and others turned this year’s Glastonbury into a Corbyn-Self-Promo-Circle-Jerk.

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