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The xx cover Wham's 'Last Christmas'

The xx have covered Last Christmas. The results are pretty unexpected.

If we were to suggest a Christmas song for The xx to cover, we would have said Last Christmas, then laughed at the unlikeliness of it all. Well who's laughing now eh?? They've only gone and bloody done it. In one of the most bizarre Christmas songs we've heard, the boys and girl of The xx went on Radio 1's Live Longue and turned Wham's evergreen seasonal classic into, well, into an xx song. An xxmas song if you will (sorry). Bearing no immediete musical resembelance to the jaunty original, The xx's cover has weird synth stabs, echoey guitar plucks, whispered vocal duelling and kinda hard dancefloor beats. As we said, an xx track. At gthe moment we can't work out if it's good or disastrous, but it's definitely unique. Listen below, and let us know what you think--


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