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These are the most dangerous songs to drive to: thanks science

These are the most dangerous songs to drive to: thanks science
Everyone who has both driven and had some sort of music device in their car knows the tunes can affect your on road performance. But step forward the South China University of Technology to perform a study quantifying this, and producing lists of the safest and most dangerous songs to play.
They didn’t just do this in a lab / student bedsit. Drivers navigated a simulated motorway both in silence (as a control) and then listening to different songs. Your average driver carried out seventy lane changes per run, listeners of 120bpm and above tunes did 140, and drove faster.
It’s not all rock of course, as you’ll see below:
Most Dangerous
Green Day – ‘American Idiot’
Miley Cyrus – ‘Party In The USA’
The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’
The Chainsmokers – ‘Don’t Let Me Down’
Bruce Springsteen – ‘Born To Run’
Led Zeppelin – ‘Stairway To Heaven’
Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Under The Bridge’
Drake – ‘God’s Plan’
Toto – ‘Africa’
Khalid – ‘Location’
Surely no one has ever cut someone up while listening to Africa? But you bet they have to Born To Run.

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