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This award needs a recount

Hardest working is 34 gigs?

PRS For Music have announced the name of the band they believe were the hardest working in 2012, and it’s JLS for the second year running. So, you might be thinking, how many gigs did they play? According to the Independent, they did 34 UK shows.

Sorry, did that just say 34? We’re sure there are Supajam readers who did more than that (and Westlife came second with 31).

NME have been speculating on what this all means, and it looks like the size of a gig is taken into account, so JLS playing 34 large venues somehow makes then harder working than a small indie band doing fifty gigs in small venues around the UK. And, if that is the case, we think that’s unfair. We realise, of course, that if it were just a count of gigs some bands would try and rig it by playing four toilets every evening for publicity, but surely this is short changing when Florence, as great as her music is, gets into fifth with 17 UK shows. Maybe the award needs a different name.

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