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This band’s break up message is pure cringe

This band’s break up message is pure cringe
The band break up is often a car crash, both for people in the band and those driving by slowly to watch. So step forward Witchrot, who hail from Canada and are in a world of pain. 
Singer ‘Peter’ posted “Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist fucking my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus. I however will continue the band in another space and time, being ripe with hate the music is slowly flowing and without a doubt will become the most devastating, torturous music I have ever created. Thanks for the support, stay heavy - Peter
Also our drummer died...”
Fair play for the Spinal Tap reference, but we hope Peter manages to work it out through song writing and a Christmas away from hell. One thing’s for sure, his band’s break up has gone viral.

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