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This devil synth is actually powered by human blood: watch

This devil synth is actually powered by human blood: watch

Just in case you were reeling from today's news that Black Sabbath are calling it a day, mourning the loss of a musical entity that's willing to bite the head of bats, we have something similarly dark.

There's now a synth that runs off human blood. Seriously.

Russian artist Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: has shared a video of this musical abomination. It is best described as a sound installation powered entirely by his own blood. It uses blood filled batteries, which work by prompting the electrolytes in the blood to react with copper and aluminium to generate a small electrical current. Morozov spent 18 months collecting the blood for it.

“This device is something that is in all but name me, which uses my vitality to create electronic sounds,” he says in the video. “Moreover, I become the observer, looking at my own performance by device that exists as a result of my efforts, and is located outside my body. Thus, although for only a short period of time, I can achieve my own creative existence.”

Check it out below:

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