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This is what would make Patrick Stewart go back to Star Trek

This is what would make Patrick Stewart go back to Star Trek
Patrick Stewart did brilliant work for many years as Captain Picard in Star Trek, basically ensuring the franchise could go on and be reinvented many times. He doesn’t need to go back, and it doesn’t need him back, everything went really well for them both.
But some people have long asked the question: could he? In an interview with Variety, Patrick gives an answer, and it’s a big one. Yes he could, and here’s what would make it happen.
“My feeling is I hung up the space suit and left all that behind a long time ago… One thing that might interest me would be to bring all the existing casts of Star Trek from the last 50 years together for one big story.”
Which is, of course, just the sort of thing Star Trek actually could do. Then there’s The Hollywood Reporter, whom he told he’d go back for Quentin Tarantino directing. Actually he’s starting to say yes a bit.

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