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This is why Clean Bandit got censored at One Love Manchester

This is why Clean Bandit got censored at One Love Manchester
One Love Manchester was a truly remarkable concert. People wounded in the Manchester attacks attending a massive concert just a short while later, surrounded by tens of thousands of people who had come to show love and an absence of fear, a concert where Liam Gallagher duetted with Coldplay. If that last few words don’t make your eyes widen, you’re dead.
But there was something unusual about the TV coverage. When Clean Bandit where on, the t-shirt worn by Grace Chatto was blurred out. People assumed it had some swearing on it, but today the mystery is solved: it was a pro Jeremy Corbyn shirt and the BBC felt featuring it would break regulations, and as the Beeb are under assault by Tory puppets blurred it out.

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