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This is why a clique of Lorde fans are going on about prison

This is why a clique of Lorde fans are going on about prison
From a global perspective, the sudden appearance of the Free Lorde campaign made little sense. Why would the New Zealand singer be going to, or in, prison, and did that explain where the new album was? Well, we can explain, and it boils down to: there’s no point to it at all.
So, in New Zealand a political party proposed fining the parents of early school leavers if they didn’t get either a job or go back to education. You can leave freely at 16, they wanted to wave around three grand fines. There was opposition to this, and some people cited the example of Lorde, who released a worldwide musical success and stopped studying to pursue it.
So, firstly that’s a really bad example to oppose with because Lorde is a prodigy, most people are not. Secondly a clique of Lorde fans thought it would be funny to campaign to free her from prison because it must be really fucking boring in a country without Brexit destroying you a little more every day.
No threat to Lorde, new album coming along well. Panic ye not.

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