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This is why you can’t trust the internet with anything

This is why you can’t trust the internet with anything
Someone at Walker’s crisps is very naïve. Being on Obamacare and voting for Donald Trump naïve, and their advertising decision went terribly wrong. So, here’s the theory: The #WalkersWave campaign allowed fans to tweet a photo of themselves to the crisp maker, and a computer then produce an automatic clip of Gary Lineker holding a photo of them and doing some promo. The goal, as it were, was to win tickets to the Champions League final. What could go wrong.
Oh, yeah, right, lots.
Walkers have had to delete a lot of the content produced because people starting sending in photos of serial killers, paedophiles and other people Walkers don’t want associated with their brand, and with whom Gary Lineker wouldn’t want to have dinner with. These photos were then shared, and at least there weren’t huge screens in Cardiff where the final is held showing the results of the tweets live.
Oh, yeah, there were.
Who could have forseen this, besides everyone.

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