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This is why you don’t post a rap video after getting fired

This is why you don’t post a rap video after getting fired
We have to admit, we didn’t know who Jake Paul was until this morning, and presumably that means he’s won. But he was part of a Disney comedy called Bizaardvark, about vloggers, and if that sounds horrendous don’t worry, it’s about to get worse.
Paul was recently fired from the show, and his real life Hollywood neighbours are complaining about behaviour that includes such sane things as burning mattresses. So, what do you do? Clearly you post a rap video to YouTube.
But that doesn’t do ‘YouTube Stars Diss Track’ justice, because this is one of the worst raps you will ever hear. He can’t actually do it for a start, vocally, before we even get to lyrics, and it’s like a guy who singing badly along to a loud soundtrack and the machine suddenly shuts up and the fool keeps going. Imagine a Lonely Island song without any humour or talent or awareness.
But that would just be us being mean about a guy’s flow. Maybe he loves it. The main reason this story is here is how, in the lyrics, he says he must be a good guy cos he went to Make A Wish Foundation and met a girl, which is a lovely thing to do until you use it as collateral for your own behaviour.

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