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Thom Yorke Jokingly Seeks New Band Name

Thom Yorke, Radiohead vocalist and solo artist of some repute, often has his personality lost behind the music. And when the clichéd view of that music is downbeat – despite some deeply uplifting moments – it can be difficult to remind people that you’re a normal person with a sense of humour. An interview with Yorke conducted by comedian and DJ Adam Buxton (Britons of a certain age will fondly remember Adam and Joe’s TV show) at the Latitude Festival has appeared on YouTube, in which the pair discuss possible new names for Yorke’s solo act. But not any names, things like Thomosexual and the Duke of Yorke. He seems to particularly like T. Homme. Oh, and as it’s something connected to Radiohead, Nigel Godrich is involved, this time doing the filming. Go to http://tiny.cc/rKvMp

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