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Three more UK Police forces to start turning a blind eye to weed smoking, growing own stash

Three more UK Police forces to start turning a blind eye to weed smoking

Following Durham Police's announcement last week that they were going to start being far more relaxed on their approach to cannabis use, three more police departments are following suit. 

Derbyshire, Surrey and Dorset are echoing the sentiments off being far more relaxed towards those caught smoking the drug.

Derbyshire's PCC Alan Charles suggests that he doesn't support legalisation but doesn't want officers officers to chase people growing cannabis for personal use. 

"When we are faced with significant budget cuts we cannot keep turning out to every single thing reported to us."

Kevin Hurley, Surrey's PCC, cursed this "pointless debate" and questioned the legitimacy of answering calls about cannabis smoking.

He said: "On the list of priorities cannabis moves a long way down the chain." 

Comments made by Dorset's PCC Martyn Underhill echoed the same sentiments. 

Welcome to the 21st century.

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