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Toddla T remix contest

Toddla T remix contest

Toddla T teamed up with Roses Gabor for a publicity event for Bacardi Beginnings: create a song and release it via social media, with each tweet and like unveiling more of the song. That took just an hour, and now a tune called Pandora’s Box is out there. But here’s where it gets interesting for budding producers: if you want to win a masterclass with Mr T, no that doesn’t work does it, with Toddla, then there’s a remix contest for the song. Head over to this website to hear the track and get into the contest via the stems and the upload area. There’s also a brief video with some tips from the man himself who’ll be judging. Here’s some of his advice:

“I’m encouraging people to do the most leftfield, mental stuff to it. Don’t be shy, don’t be precious, if you want to literally use the kick and the snare and one vocal piece go for it. In a remix I personally look for something that I can play so it’s not necessarily the technicality of it, it’s just how you’ve switched it to a different area. If people put extra vocals on it the brownie points are high. And have fun! You can push a remix as far as you want. Just go, go, go for it - do what feels right.”

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