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Tom DeLonge has sold his Blink 182 copyrights

Tom DeLonge has sold his Blink 182 copyrights
There is an old phrase in music, born from years of struggle, that you should always keep your masters. Well, copyright is the same idea, and Tom Delonge has sold his Blink 182 copyrights to a ‘music investment company’ which, let’s be honest, sounds a very bad thing long term.
Hipgnosis Songs now own one hundred and fifty seven Tom Delonge credits, and had this to say: “If you’re under 27 years old and making music they are a seminal band. They had angst, they had energy, they had humour but most importantly they had incredible songs and Tom is at the core of that. It’s an honour to welcome him into the Hipgnosis Family.”
Tom is, currently, happy: “It is an honour to have been playing music for so many years and to be in a position to partner with the great team at Hipgnosis to support my work… This is now a perfect opportunity for me to not only celebrate my past, but to also give me the foundation to create more music for many decades to come.”

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