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Tom DeLonge is refreshingly non-hippyish about Blink 182

Tom DeLonge is refreshingly non-hippyish about Blink 182
Okay, you’ve read that headline and you’re wondering what we’re on about. Well, it’s aliens. Yes, stay with us for this. It’s worth it. So, when Tom DeLonge left Blink 182 he created a company aiming to research and publish material about extra-terrestrial life and any visits to earth. Ever since then much of the media has cast Tom as crazy, and there have been reports ranging from financial problems to the main ally he teamed up with being portrayed as a fantasist. However, Tom and company now have a series on the way.
Now we’re not going to weigh in on whether he’s right and all that, we just want to comment on something he told NME. The website interviewed him extensively on aliens and music, and at the bottom is something fascinating: Tom isn’t one of these cultural figures who become interested in extra-terrestrials and then think their art will heal the world.
In fact the opposite:
NME: Finally, Tom: if you were to show an alien what Earth music sounds like, would you play them Angels & Airwaves or Blink-182?
Tom: “Oh my gosh! I would have to play Angels & Airwaves because they would recognise the space-prog sound. If I played Blink they wouldn’t get the jokes. They would probably get really offended and start an interplanetary war.”

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