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Tom Odell's dad calls NME to complain about 0 out of 10 review...

Brit Award winner's father reacts angrily to harsh review.

What happens when the critics turn on the critics' choice? Parents get involved!

After receiving a scathing 0/10 review from NME, Tom's Dad called up the office to complain.

Deputy editor Lucy Jones tweeted the following earlier today:



We're currently thinking what an artist would have to do to get 0/10. Even an album that consisted purely of someone punching themselves in the groin would presumably have some merit embezzled away somewhere. If an NME writer (or even certain Supajam ones, if we're being honest) found that album before it was popular, I'm sure they'd find some pretentious way of giving it a higher score.

The best retort so far has come from music journalist Simon Price, who responded to the NME's grade with the following:



Probably a fair comment. Picking on the biggest new act once they've already won a Brit award is hardly the bravest thing. A bit like music websites/publications that often put up cheap digs at Bieber, 1D, or Simon Cowell purely to get a few easy hits. *Ahem*

Reports of the NME scribe claiming that his Dad is definitely harder than Tom's because he was in the SAS, has 10 guns, and a PS4 have just been gleefully fabricated.

Do you think Tom's debut album deserved 0/10?

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