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Tony Hadley helps guy win thousands of pounds

Tony Hadley helps guy win thousands of pounds
Muhammad Shalehan took part in a radio competition a while ago, in which he had to identify fourteen stars saying the name of the station. Get all 14, win $10,000 Singaporean dollars, aka about five thousand UK pounds.
They said he got one wrong, bye bye Shalehan.
Only problem was, someone later won by giving the same answers as Shalehan, so he rang up and asked why. You mispronounced Tony Hadley he was told… and Muhammad isn’t a man to back down, so he contacted Hadley’s management, and the man himself recorded a video:  “You might have had a slight accent but, as far as I’m concerned, you said my name correctly.”
The station listened and offered a compromise payment, but then agreed to give the full sum. Thanks Tony.

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