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Top 10 2015 songs that you need to hear before the year ends

Top 10 2015 tracks you need to hear before the year ends

All music fans have songs that, as they play out from your headphones or over the radio, transport you to the time when you first made a connection with them. That Air record that reminds us of hostels in Southern Europe, those Sufjan Stevens' tracks which make you feel the darkest depths of that break-up you're totally over or that Kavinsky track that reminds you of the first time you watched 'Drive', music has a way of helping us to locate an emotional bookmark. 

Well, here are ten tracks that, we feel that could help you to ignite and harvest the pedal points of 2015

Here are SupaJam's Top 10 tracks of 2015:

10 The Other Boys by Nervo

Roping in both Kylie and Jakes Shears as guest vocalists must surely guarantee a great hit, and this banging but yearning tune was both disco for the 21st century and a club ice breaker.

9 Sweet Saturn Mine by The Moonlandingz

Take the Eccentronic Research Council, take the Fat White Family, and combine for a song both filfthy and increasingly unhinged. All together now “I don’t feel alright.”

8 Love by James Canty

James Canty didn’t record this song in 1960s Venice, but that’s part of the vibe along with a wistful sadness. No prizes for guessing the subject…

7 I Saw A Ghost by The Slow Readers Club

It’s hard to do angst these days without people being snide, but the opening to this song was perfect and they bought much needed intelligent, arty rock.

Can’t Deny My Love by Brandon Flowers

A song that was not only fantastic in its own right, it also demanded the question ‘Brandon, why aren’t the Killers’ recent records this good?’

5 Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought

A pompously brilliant answer for the skeptics who doubted their credentials to match the dizzy heights of 'More Than Any Other Day'. Lyrically cyclical, this goads and taunts suburban monotony with an anxious flair that becomes more and more unique to vocalist Tim Darcy. 

4 Bored in the USA by Father John Misty

This is a piece that is sure to inspire memories of the loose summer of 2015 in any music fan that has come into contact with Josh Tillman. A facetious piano anthem, it pokes jabs in the jaw of faceless frustration; disillusionment from the perspective of twenty first century collective consciousness.

3 I’m The Man To Be by EL VY

On the one hand, it’s the chap from the National singing about autoerotic asphyxiation, on the other hand it’s a brilliant song about rock star enuui and success that takes firm aim at the whole situation.

2 Under the Influence by Elle King

Everyone needs a song about crazy, addicting and damaging love at least once in their life… at least we hope for your sakes you do.

1 Leave the Door Wide Open by Black English

A haunting saunter through the underbelly of British life, this song kicks off an album that’s good but never quite matches this height.

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