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Top 10 most popular indie funeral songs revealed

Top 10 most popular indie funeral songs revealed

The ten most popular Indie funeral songs have been revealed.

Co-operative Funeralcare have performed an annual funeral music study, which gathered data from over 30,000 funerals in the UK to list the top music people pick. And though you'd think that Oasis would be the likeliest wake soundtrack, it turns out that things aren't as they seem. Yes, this generation of perishing Indie fans prefer Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars'. 

You can't deny that, listening to that song, it is apt. Just a few notes in, I literally want to die. So that sounds synergistic to me.

Here are the top 10 indie funeral songs: 

1. Chasing cars, Snow Patrol

2. Wonderwall, Oasis

3. Don’t Look Back In Anger, Oasis

4. Arabella, Arctic Monkeys

5. Live Forever, Oasis

6. Hymn For The Weekend, Coldplay

7. One Day Like This, Elbow

8. Yellow, Coldplay

9. Goo Goo Dolls, Iris

10. Oasis, Champagne Supernova


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