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Top 10 musicians' weird backstage rider requests

Top 10 musicians' weird backstage rider requests

We have been looking into the top 10 weird backstage requests that musicians have.

Artists are weird, look at this photo if you don't agree:

So let's get going:

Nine Inch Nails

Two boxes of corn starch.


As well as the eco-friendly requests for non-bottled water, non-disposable cutlery and generally no waste, her full on ‘blue smarties only’ request is at the end. “If possible, one cute bulldog, French bulldog, pug or Pomeranian (or other cute animal, such as a chinchilla or Pekinese) to visit and hand out but who gets to leave before too much loud noise is heard…” It's weird.


Coffee and tea setup, including honey, lemon, sugar, cream, fresh ginger root. Physician will be used to administer a B-12 injection.

Foo Fighters

Large, large kielbasas... Does anybody else feel inferior?

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Fresh underwear...

Al Green

We're so glad that Al Green goes with all stereotypes as a lovemaker and wants his dressing room full of twenty-four long-stem (dethorned) red roses.


Not Pizza, no - Macaraoni & Cheese.

Axl Rose

Fresh Wonder Bread (white), Dom Perignon.

Mick Jagger

A shepherd’s pie, a bottle of HP and a snooker table.

Frank Sinatra

Now that's one hell of a cocktail. One bottle each: Absolute, Jack Daniel’s, Chivas Regal, Courvoisier, Beefeater Gin, white wine, red wine. Twenty-four chilled jumbo shrimp, Life Savers, cough drops.

There you have it: the Top 10 musicians' weird backstage rider requests.

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