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Top promoter backs ticket resale cap

Is this even plausible?

Scalpers, touts, bastards: call them what you will, but some people make an awful lot of money out of buying in demand tickets and then selling them on at a vastly higher price. People have been demanding some sort of action to stop this, and now a Labour MP (Sharon Hodgson) has come up with a plan: create a new law which limits the profit you can make on reselling a ticket to 10%.

If you’re a republican, a conservative or part of the EU trade commission you’re probably choking at the very idea, but Hodgson has attracted some powerful support: the head of Reading and Leeds Festival. He explained to Radio 1:

"I've been asking for this for many years. It's the sort of bill that's been operational in New York State and Australia. It works. We've seen that it works." Indeed, “People will still try to set up illegal websites but what it would do is give the public an absolute knowledge that if they're trying to sell at more than that percentage, it's almost certainly dodgy and illegal."

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