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Touring America JUST got 42 percent more expensive for foreign bands

Touring the US JUST got 42 percent more expensive for bands

With the US election on the horizon next week, the world is eagerly waiting to see whether America is just going to become a much meaner spot. And one of the most spectacularly fucked-up things being discussed is that wall: it could deem the home of the brave, land of the free to be something entirely different, changing its character forever.

However, while all eyes are on that, the changes are already happening for touring bands. Yes, it just became 42% more expensive to tour in the country.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service has confirmed todat that there will be a large fee increase on many of their immigration applications and petitions, meaning the fee for artists to acquire a visa will go from $325 to $460 per person in December '16.

All musicians from outside of the US are required to apply for a nonimmigrant petition to perform in the country, and that particular petition has been singled out for a massive 42% increase in cost. This extends to roadies, managers, TMs and all members of an artist or band’s team that will enter the US from a foreign country.

The Canadian Federation of Musicians has since released a statement attacking the increased cost. Executive director Liana White said, “While we recognize that for Canadians the USCIS artist visa process may be more simplified than other musicians seeking to enter the United States under the same permits, however, a fee surge of this kind adds an additional and unacceptable financial burden on our members.”

So much for the open road then.

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