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Tower Hamlets fine 5 year old girl selling lemonade to Lovebox goers

Tower Hamlets fine 5 year old girl selling lemonade to Lovebox goers
You know how in every American comic and show from our childhood there would be someone selling lemonade from a home made stand? Turns out Tower Hamlets isn’t that keen on them. Not that keen at all.
5 year old Miss Spicer thought it would be a great idea to set up a lemonade stall and sell the liquid to people attending the Loveboxx festival, and with her father Andre the pair were happily dishing out small glasses for 50p and large glasses for a pound, which is a smaller price than I’ve seen lemonade go for in shops that, err, ever. Unfortunately someone called the cops and Tower Hamlets council enforcement officers arrived.
Now, we know health and safety and why they couldn’t do this without a licence. We don’t have a problem with that. But instead of telling the five year old girl nicely this couldn’t happen, they issued an on the spot fine of £150. Miss Spicer was distraught at having “done a bad thing” and is still upset now. When people higher up the council heard of this they immediately said they’d cancel the fine and use some common sense.
Andre Spicer has said he’d get a permit for next time, but his daughter is too scared to go back.

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