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Track of the day: Bo Rocha and sumptuous 'Enough For You'

Track of the day: Bo Rocha and sumptuous 'Enough For You'

If you want something to pull you from the crippling monotony of music in our post-Brexit, Theresa May-governed dystopia, then let it be the wonderful 'Enough For You' by Bo Rocha.

Don't let the breathy texture of the piece lure you into a false sense of security, because that is exactly what Bo Rocha wants. She'll let you feel secure under its comforting textural blankets, only for those unorthodox twists and turns in the leading melody to take you to a place you couldn't have imagined. The DIY West London performer plays contemporary pop simply without acknowledging the very expectations of it.

Within those carved chord changes and off-kilter rhythmic movements lies what makes this an essential, ambitious pop song. Coupling that with Bo Rocha's compellingly beautiful vocal, you have the duality that makes her so interesting to listen to. The release date for 'Enough For You' is July 12th, and you can hear the track below or find out more information here.

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