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Trent Reznor just summed up comment sections

Trent Reznor just summed up comment sections
Trent Reznor has had more than his fair share of run ins with internet using fans, and he was once a dominant presence on Twitter. Now he’s been discussing the nature of internet comments and his recent album, both of which came together when a webarse had a go at him and Reznor went back with “suck my entire cock.”
“That’s the culture of internet commenting,” he told Kerrang, “The sense of, ‘I have an extreme opinion that I haven’t thought through at all and it’s coming from an uneducated and invalidated place, and I’m going to anonymously announce it to the world.’ Fuck you!”
Very true. Probably worth pointing out, that Reznor’s own initial reply came from a place without thinking through: “Honestly, there were about two seconds of thought before that comment,” 
Worked though.

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