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Tricky: 'even music doesn’t sound the same' after his daughter’s death

Tricky: ‘even music doesn’t sound the same’ after his daughter’s death
Tricky’s daughter Mazy died in May, and the inquiry into her cause of death is ongoing. She was 24. Now Tricky has spoken about the effect this had on him and it’s profoundly mournful. 
“One of the biggest problems with my daughter is that I’ve never loved anybody that much before,” he told The Guardian. “I was there at her birth. And all of a sudden I started feeling things. And it was too much for me. Because I was emotionally numb, and it was easier for me to get through life being emotionally numb, but then suddenly I was feeling things. I’ve lost people before, like grandmothers, but I’ve bounced back… This is different. Everything looks different, even music doesn’t sound the same. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I was in Islington yesterday and I was hoping I was going to see her, hoping she’s gonna walk up to me.”
His autobiography is out October 31st.

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