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Tsar B brings out Rattlesnake

Tsar B brings out Rattlesnake
Rattlesnake’s aren’t normally welcome, but Tsar B’s one certainly is. It’s a slinky new electro track that’s not afraid to mix lusty sentiments with down and dirty beats. This isn’t a tabloid attempt at sexy, this is psychosis.
Tsar B told NME all about her songwriting, and why this song is both hot and angry:
“I’m struggling with the fact that my love and hate feelings are really close to each other. My passionate view on life and on love makes me an explosive creature. When someone close to me does something bad, my love immediately switches to enmity: I lose all faith in them. The funny part is that it only endures for about 30 minutes. Then this feeling fades, skins itself and my love comes back twice as big. ‘Rattlesnake’ shows my disappointment, followed by a great anger, and this happens in a vicious circle but it always ends in love.”

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