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Turon Sqwad shares the trauma of drug taking and heartbreak with 'I once took acid': track of the day

Track of the day: Turon Sqwad with 'I once took acid'

Have you ever naively taken acid at a festival and ended up spinning into infinity? No? Well don't worry, as you can learn all about that horrifying experience on the new EP from DIY London artist Turon Sqwad's first release.

Like hearing Jens Lekman squeezed through a lo-fi filter, this four track collection is a heartbreak release, simply that; a right of passage that all of us must go through. And it has everything you could possibly want if you want to curse, revel and relive the sharp shards of lost love.

Turon Sqwad's 'Places I Don't Care About' was recorded and cultivated in the bounds of a bedroom, and will leave you with a lump in your throat. Listen below:

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