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Twitter brings poor taste to music

Don't read if offended by, well, anything.

You can’t bring a worldwide group of people together on the internet without things descending into dubious taste and general intolerance. Just look at the comments on YouTube, or if you’re feeling like a real laugh at bigots, the Daily Mail. Which is an introduction to what’s been trending on Twitter for the last twenty four hours. Thanks to a system which scans every tweet and works out what people are talking about, we know that ‘abortion clinic playlists songs’ has been the second most discussed thing. Obviously, if you’re easily offended stop reading now.

So, for the morbidly curious, what are people saying? We’d expect a raft of angry, anti-choice protestors taking issues, but the concerned to joining-in ratio appears to be about 1:20. A general scan suggested that ‘There goes my baby’ my Usher was the most popular, although ‘If I were a boy’ by Beyonce got a lot of play. We’re not sure how this started, we’re not sure when it will end, and quite frankly we’re not sure we want to know.

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