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Two Gallants announce first album in 5 years

Two Gallants announce their first full-length release in five years...

US Indie-Folk legends Two Gallants have announced their first full album in five years.

The Bloom and the Blight will be released later this year and will undoubtedly feature on many of the trendiest Best of 2012 lists. We haven't even heard the whole record yet, but we know that this will probably be true. Primarily because A) Two Gallants are cool, the kind of band that you want people to know that you know about, and B) Two Gallants albums are generally better than most others.

You can receive a free download of 'Broken Eyes' by popping in your email below.

If you want to know the tracklist of the album... well well well you lucky sprout, here it is:

  • 1. Halcyon Days
  • 2. Song Of Songs
  • 3. My Love Won’t Wait
  • 4. Broken Eyes
  • 5. Ride Away
  • 6. Decay
  • 7. Winter’s Youth
  • 8. Willie
  • 9. Cradle Pyre
  • 10. Sunday Souvenir


If you haven't heard of Two Gallants and couldn't care less about them, then here's a good starting point:

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